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Lighting Hire – Outdoor, Effects & Security

We carry large hire stocks of coloured (RGB) outdoor effects that include rope lights, festoon and architectural and security (Halogen & low energy LED) lighting for suitable small private events, weddings, college events, corporate and large scale public events. Outdoor event lighting should always be IP rated for safety and reliability and suitable for the areas that you wish to illuminate, ask for details (a site visit can be arranged).

Feature Lighting

We can provide single (RGB), compact lights to illuminate small features (IPPAR-S), larger and brighter versions (IPPAR-HO) to illuminate upper areas of a building or tall trees and for areas that need larger areas of colour you can use our Colourwash bars (IPBAR-S), a larger and brighter version with higher output, is also available (IPBAR-HO).

FL-B-10C Mains powered festoon lighting suitable for indoor or outdoor use with clear bulbs (not LED) – Sections can be linked together for up to 50M runs

FL-B-10MC Mains powered festoon lighting suitable for indoor or outdoor use with multi coloured bulbs bulbs (not LED) – Sections can be linked together for up to 50M runs

IP-CW-C Single colour compact wash suitable for illuminating shrubs, small trees, footpaths and features up to 3m in height.

IP-CW-RGB As above but programmable to output various colours & gradual colour changes.

IPPAR-S Our most popular light with Tri- LEDs arranged in a circular formation in a waterproof enclosure. These can be used singularly or linked together to provide continuous span of colour (see photo above) on buildings, trees and other tall features. Output can be any colour and these are also remotely controllable across a site for impressive displays (either via wireless or cable DMX).

IPPAR-HO As IPPAR-S above but with much higher output for tall features such as towers, very high trees, architectural features or where other distant objects need to be lit (across water, roads etc.)

IPBAR-S Often used alongside our IPPAR lights above, these are 1m wide bars with RGB Tri-LEDs arranged in a line to provide a wider light output (washing buildings at lower heights). Programmable as per IPPARS and also linkable to allow for simpler, or more complex installations.

IPBAR-HO As IPBAR-S above but with much higher output for tall features such as multi-floor buildings, very high trees, architectural features etc.

Battery powered uplighters – The same light output as a mains powered unit, with the convenience of being completely cordless and suitable for outdoor use.PAR RGBA Free standing uplighter with up to 16 hours continuous light output from a single charge – Can be DMX controlled or via IR remote control


Ropelights and festoon lighting is available to hire in various lengths and colours. We supply both LED and conventional bulb versions that can be used both indoors and outside. Battery LED strings are also available for more subtle effects (wrapped around marquee poles, shrubs, trees etc.)

Security Lighting

A combination of cordless (battery operated) mini floods and high output Halogen twin floods on stands are stocked, suitable for temporary illumination of footpaths/parking areas etc. Through to larger sites such as festivals, college balls, public events and displays. See our range of generators for remote applications.

BATT-FLOOD-W A compact floor standing or tripod mounted (optional) rechargeable floodlight which operates for up to 4 hours between charges. Supplied with mains charger. These are ideal to temporarily illuminate areas that would normally be lit via mains operated security lighting or where compact flood lighting would be used in portable applications (security, maintenance, stand by).

H-FLOOD-SINGLE A single head, single lamp, mains operated Halogen floodlight suitable for lighting areas that require bright white light (supplied with stand).

H-FLOOD-TWIN A twin head, dual lamp per head, version of the above with higher light output and supplied with a height-adjustable stand. Our most popular outdoor hire flood with switchable light output for use where very bright lighting is required (site security, safety, navigation, parking applications. See our range of generators for remote applications.




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