Power – Cables, Distro & Generators

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Power – Cable, Generators, Distro, Accessories

Our clients have various power requirements, from a simple wedding or party marquee requiring mains power for lighting and entertainment, through to multi site public and festival scale power for marquees, caterers, architectural lighting, site security and main stage PA and lighting. Generators of various sizes are available, ask for details.

Outdoor Cable

13amp 2.5mm indoor Arctic cable for emergency lighting, and basic mains power

16amp 2.5mm and 4mm cable in various lengths

32amp 4mm and 6mm cable in various lengths

63amp single and three phase cables in various lengths

Power Distribution

240V 4 x 16amp out with 1 x 32amp in 1 x 32amp out

400V 3 phase to 240v – 63amp in with 3 x 32amp out  6x16amp out

16amp 110v (yellow) in-line Y splitter provides two further sockets

16amp 240v (blue) in-line Y splitter provides two further sockets

Plugs & Sockets

16amp 110v plugs

16amp 110v sockets

16amp 240v plugs

16amp 240v sockets

32amp 240v plugs

32amp 240v sockets

16amp 240v plug to 1x13amp socket

13amp 240v plug to 1x16amp socket – To connect 16a outdoor power cable to 240v domestic 13a power sockets

Trailing Sockets

16amp 240v Plug with 5mtrs of cable to 3x13amp sockets (protected)

2m / 5m / 10m  13amp extension leads

Cable Protection

Grey rubberised cable kick strip in various lengths

Outdoor cable ramps (two compartment) suitable for event use and light traffic

Outdoor cable ramps (three compartment) suitable for event use and light traffic

Generators – Small

Honda petrol – low-noise Inverter generator with 2kw 240v output – Suitable for sensitive equipment including computers, lighting controllers, small amplifiers, lighting etc.

Clarke petrol – Electric start generator with switchable 110/240v output via 32amp connectors. Run time up to 9 hours from large 25ltr fuel tank 5.5KVA max output.

10/25/35/50/70KVA generators are all available to order


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